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All about Window Sills


An average American house has more than 20 windows, allowing your home to breathe easily. But what makes these windows more practical and beautiful looking is the window sill. If you look at the definition of a window sill by Wikipedia, it describes a window sill as the bottom surface of the window. But there is more to it. A window sill is not only a structural part of the window, supporting and holding the window frame in place, but also acts as a shelf to place objects on. In other words a sill could be described as a ledge which serves both a decorative and functional purpose.

There are two types of window sill - interior window sills and exterior window sills. The interior window sill forms the seal between the window unit and the wall, which prevents issues such as water leakage and provides a thermal break. An interior window sill is typically made of wooden material, concrete, granite or artificial stone. Also, the interior window sill is not an integrated component of the window and rests on masonry for stability; whereas an exterior window sill is an integrated component of the window, installed with a gradient of at least 8% to drain off the rainwater quickly. The whole purpose of the exterior window sill is to drain away rainwater and protect the masonry beneath it. It is typically made of metal or concrete stone.    

Window sills also enhance the aesthetic appearance of the home. Window sills made of well-polished marble or granite appear aesthetically pleasing.


Maintenance of window sills entirely depends on the type of material used to make the window sill. A vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning window sills made up of materials like granite stone or concrete. General cleaning involves applying a diluted mixture of soap and quality cleansing agents. The process is followed by wiping and cleaning with a soft cloth at the end, leaving a lasting shine on any type of window sill. In the case of wooden sills, a cleansing agent is applied leaving the water behind as it might cause damage to the soft wooden tissues. Wooden window sills require additional maintenance procedures including painting, oiling, staining and so on after periodic time intervals.