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All About Spiral Staircases

A spiral staircase is a type of staircase which can either be curved or rounded with a center column. The stairs -  or rather the treads - are thus connected by the center column. Staircases can be made of wood or iron and can bring a distinctive look to any office or home. Spiral staircases are considered to be a versatile element that can be added to any modern space, particularly in compact areas.. Ease of placement in almost any possible location or direction makes these an ideal choice for duplexes and storied properties with scarcity of space.

A spiral staircase is a great option to reduce space consumption. The circular spiraling design of these staircases is a modern marvel due to vertical expansion rather than horizontal. Such stairs can be designed with safety and flexibility in mind. Special features include custom rotated, customized  and placement wherever the user likes as per the user’s convenience. This kind of staircase can be installed and maintained at very low cost comparatively and adds an extra special element to a space.

There are different types of spiral staircases available on the market such as staircases with rounded, straight or curved stairs or treads. Also curved staircases come with different varieties of railing, which gives these stairs an extra added appearance advantage. Spiral staircases can be made of various types of material such as wood, iron etc. The stairs are designed in such a way that there is no fear of falling down. Spiral staircases occupy much less space compared to the normal staircases, thus making these a favorite among the crowd who believe in compact living. These days spiral staircases with glass railings are also popular.

Proper maintenance is required to make a spiral staircase look good in the long run and perform properly in terms of functionality. The bolts and all the fixings must be checked thoroughly at regular intervals and if needed the bolts must be tightened and replaced. Parts found on the market and the cost of repairing is comparatively low. Heavy objects are not recommended to be transported up or down these staircases.

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