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All About Stone Cladding


Cladding is a layer of cover to protect the construction assembly underneath from weather, wear and tear. Stone cladding is usually made of multiple panels of various size to give it a pattern look, or made from same size panels to create a brick-like finish. Stone cladding is available in huge number of options in terms of colour and size. Stone cladding is timeless and beautiful but tends to be more costly than other cladding systems. For example, it takes almost half the time to make a stone panel as it takes to make a ceramic panel.

Stone cladding offers a wide choice to the consumer in terms of colour and pattern. Stone cladding is resistant to stains and oils. It is easy to maintain and can withstand harsh weather. Stone cladding reflects more light than it absorbs, making it a good insulator. With stone cladding, the exterior of a building takes on a luminous appearance.

Consumers have the option of choosing between different patterns of stone cladding – plain stone or patterned stone. They also can choose from a variety of stone types such as natural stone, coursed stone, limestone and hobbler stone, etc. Each type gives a different texture to the house, and all offer an  extremely beautiful and visually appealing result.

Stone cladding can become dirty quite easily and may need experts for cleaning. Though extremely durable by nature, when facing the wrath of nature, stone cladding can show some wear and tear, which require repair or maintenance. In particular, stone cladding can suffer from hairline cracking, which will most certainly call for repair.

Perhaps the best feature of the stone cladding is its elegant appearance. Consumers will have a hard time finding a better alternative in terms of the visual impact that it offers. 


Manufacturer Spotlight: Rockpanel


In the business for over 25 years, Rockpanel is a part of Rockwool Group which has been in existence for over 80 years. Rockpanel combines wood and stone to create premium claddings, roof features and building details. Determined to achieve a sustainable environment, 50% of the raw materials used are recyclable in nature. Rockpanel boards can be fully recycled with minimum loss of quality. Rockpanel products are used throughout Europe.


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