All About Facades

A Façade is an exterior wall of a building, usually the front. It is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. The facades of a building play an important role in contributing to the amenity and attractiveness of an area. A common building line creates a continuity of building frontages and provides definition and enclosure of the street. A building façade is the most integral pieces to the overall design of the structure, as it adds a unique personality and character to it.

From conventional to contemporary, facades are of many types and empower the architects to literally play around and bring to life an extraordinary look to the building structure. By smartly linking the exterior to the interiors of the building, a façade controls light penetration or filtration, regulates heat, minimizes solar gain which leads to more energy-efficient buildings allowing solar shading and passive cooling automatically.

There are wide range of façade system used in modern multi-story buildings such as brickwork and stonework, Curtain walling, Precast concrete panels etc. facades also include lateral and vertical resistance providing capabilities against harsh weather. Facades also increase the safety of any building by acting as a thermal resistance, sound resistant protection.

Facades are the face of a building which shield against the damage resulting from high-winds and rains and even protects against extreme temperatures and humidity. A façade system plays a huge role in improving energy efficiency in a building structure. When it comes to sustainable material solutions, metal and glass have numerous advantages. Both are sustainable and recyclable materials, so there is little waste or resource depletion. When used as a building’s facade, these eco-friendly materials offer a multitude of options with environmental, functional and aesthetic benefits.

Façade is often called the external skin of the building, and the protection provided by the external skin ensures natural ventilation. A building façade ensures the occupants comfort isn’t lost or compromised while giving a whole lot of value to the design and aesthetic factors. Thus, facades provide a contemporary look to the building; they come in a variety of colors to suit the overall design concept of the building.

To assist in architectural vision, building facade solutions in perforated metal, expanded metal and architectural glass are in demand these days. These materials offer designers and architects, the flexibility to create buildings that combine architectural and aesthetic impact with sustainability.

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