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Stone wall tiles (160)

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All about Stone Tiles

Stone tiles have several advantages when used as construction and furnishing solutions on residential as well as commercial buildings. Stone floor tiles suit the modern lifestyle because they are hygienic, hardwearing, robust and practical. Every piece of natural stone is completely unique in its appearance, with its own exclusive shade and texture.

The natural beauty of stone floor tile makes a space elegant and sophisticated. Stone tile never goes out of fashion because its natural beauty is timeless. Natural porcelain tile can be used seamlessly in an interior or exterior area to create a sense of space.

There are different types of stone tile materials available such as travertine, slate, granite, lava, limestone and marble. Each stone tile has its own purpose. Slate tile creates a rustic look while granite tile creates a classic appearance. A contemporary feel can be created with limestone while travertine tile blends rustic style with elegance. When it comes to choosing stone tiles, everything depends on the preference of the user. 

Many people prefer natural porcelain tiles over other types of artificial tiles because of their sustainability credentials. Highly durable, they are completely natural and entirely versatile as a material. Stone tiles add value to a property and radiate a classy and sophisticated look. The fact that minimal maintenance is needed is an added advantage. Cleaning becomes easy with a mop and soft brush. Being a good heat conductor, natural floor tiles are the most preferred option for people who consider underfloor heating.      

Extremely attractive, stone tiles are highly valued for their excellent durability and versatility. Each tile is unique and exquisite with a lot of design options. Special and unique veining, coloring and natural characteristic can be associated with every tile. Other benefits of stone tiles are scratch/abrasion resistance, stain resistance, sturdiness, improved curb appeal and better value for property.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Lapitec

Lapitec adorns a distinct position among stone tile manufacturers in the world. Their sintered stone slabs blend aesthetic design appeal with excellent mechanical and physical properties of porcelain to deliver 100% unique and dynamic stone tiles. Lapitec has made these products available in large format slabs.

In addition to offering outstanding workability and elegance, Lapitec sintered stone tiles come with exclusive finishes of natural stone. Optimally environment-friendly, these stone tiles do not contain any resins or petroleum derivatives. The versatility of this full body material is commendable and can be used in numerous applications.  

Being a nonporous material, Lapitec stone tiles are highly resistant to bacteria, mold and staining. Cleaning can be done with relative ease. The durability of this product is appreciable with outstanding weatherproof features. Every slab shows high resistance to UV rays, frost, fire, abrasions, alkalis and acids. Manufactured in XXL slabs, Lapitec stone tiles come with the largest stone surface available on the market.

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