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Straight staircases

Find products and manufacturers of straight staircases. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on material, availability, style, characteristics, steps, glass types, risers and brands.

All About Straight Staircases

Of all the types of staircases, the widest spread is straight staircases. These are simply a series of steps in one direction, leading from one surface of a building to another to facilitate access. These are typically used in long and narrow interiors. Straight staircases have the option of an intermediate landing between two consecutive flights. In spite of its simple look, there are a lot of calculations that go on behind the design of straight staircases. The number of steps allowed in a single flight is not more than 16, each dimension must be the same with respect to rise and tread. Straight staircases can also involve quarter landing and half landing staircases. Although these come in simple forms, appropriate components may lend an exclusive style to the staircase, allowing it a well-designed installation.

Due to its simplicity and effortless construction process, straight stairs are the most preferred to ascend or descend easily and provide an uninterrupted view of the entire flight of stairs. In the case of ready-made staircases, these require less effort to facilitate assembly and installation. These are flexible in terms of renovations or modifications. Accessories like railing are simple to fix. When it comes to pricing, straight staircases provide affordability as they do not involve any intermediate support structure, which further reduces labor. Though simple, when planned and constructed with alluring materials, straight staircases can be enhanced to provide elegance and complexity.

Even though straight stairs are simple and seem to be just a flight of stairs between two walls or railings, there are lots of options available depending on its function and architecture of the interiors. When it comes to types of material, one can choose from a wide variety – reinforced concrete, marble, granite, glass, wood, steel, brick and stone - depending on factors such as location, pedestrian traffic, interior flooring or budget. Straight staircases can be constructed to create a traditional, modern or rustic look. 

Staircases, though are not subjected to heavy foot traffic like a floor, but can still experience wear and tear over a period of time. Daily maintenance involves dusting and mopping depending on the construction material. The wedges, which tightly bind the treads are likely to loosen with continuous use, resulting in creaky and worn out treads. Depending on severity of damage, these stairs should be repaired or replaced. Inspecting and maintaining staircase is important for safety and durability and also waiving off any potential problems. Maintenance should also involve regular tightening of loose railings, balusters and posts. Older staircases need to be repaired or replaced completely as part of maintenance.

Straight staircases, simple as they may be, can be a very decorative and impressive part of a building or an interior. The design flexibility allows builders to produce a completely distinctive appeal to any interior. These staircases can be accessorized with attractive flooring tiles and unique railings to give a striking look. In large buildings, straight staircases play an important role, especially at a grand entrance.