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Sun protection

Find products and manufacturers of sun protection for facade solutions. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on material, characteristics, brands and availability.

All About Sun Protection

Sun Protection for façades and windows reduces the need for artificial light by guiding daylight into the building. This reduces the need for air conditioning by controlling the energy and heat input by solar radiation. It improves the sensation of comfort and improves visual contact with the exterior.

Sun protection has numerous benefits for a building, allowing for the blockage of damaging UV rays without disrupting the outward view. The materials used in facades today are lighter, more durable, and more resistant to climactic damage including wind, hail, and sun with the advances in manufacturing. Because of their ability to support sustainability initiatives and increase LEED energy performance, facade systems are especially valuable. By blocking significant amounts of solar heat, while allowing diffused natural light to enter, sun protection systems enhance building thermal controls. There are many options to consider when it comes to materials and design. Facade systems can be designed to maximize recycled materials and locally sourced products for projects with a sustainability focus.

There are many types of Sun protection façades available. Horizontal, vertical or eggcrate are the basic types of exterior shading devices that can be identified. It is important to also weigh the amount of solar penetration that is desired during the heating months when designing shading devices for heat avoidance. With deference to north facing windows to promote day lighting, this may warrant the virtual elimination of south-facing windows in some climates.

Repair and maintenance requirements of sun protected buildings are comparatively easier. Glass can be washed with water in most cases. Sometimes an appropriate commercial cleaning product or a bit of neutral detergent can be added to the water. Specially designed cloths or squeegees are also used. The glass should be rinsed with clean water and wiped with a squeegee, once cleaned. Surrounding environmental conditions and pollution levels determine how often the glass needs to be cleaned. When it is not exposed to very much rain, glass gets dirtier in dusty, industrial areas, as well as in areas with lots of road traffic.

Contribution to the aesthetic value of the architecture is also an important reason consumers opt for sun protection for buildings. The design opportunities become nearly endless with facades, while planning a new construction or renovation.

Spotlight Company : HAVER and BOECKER

Haver and Boecker is one of the oldest known names in the wire weaving Industry. Based in Oelde, Germany, they have over 50 subsidized companies on 5 continents. The company believes in the motto of combining innovative designs with longer durability and aesthetic appeal, thus resulting in beautiful modern architectures. The sun façades created by Haver and Boecker combine effective shading with maximized natural ventilation and improved external views. Explore more at: 


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Whether you are an architect or engineer, contractor of builder, we invite you to explore our product selector to be inspired and supported in specifying Sun Protection in your next project.