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All about Suspended Ceilings


Many commercial and residential building projects feature suspended ceilings as a vital construction component. Ceilings often represent the largest uninterrupted space in a building and are an integral part of an overall building structure. Contributing positively to the overall ambiance and appearance, suspended decorative ceiling panels enhance the beauty of a finished space.


In addition to offering aesthetic benefits, suspended ceiling tiles provide practicality and functional benefits. Delivering functionality to a building, suspended ceilings serva as an excellent platform for lighting fixtures, sound systems, antenna panels and HVAC diffusers. Modern ceiling panel systems also play a prominent part in contributing to structural fire protection.


Ease of installation and easy maintenance are two important factors that encourage interior design professionals and architects to select suspended ceilings as a construction component. Available in a wide range of materials, configurations, characteristics and finishes, suspended ceilings can fulfill all types of ceiling requirements. In order to meet ever evolving changes in standards, regulations and building design needs, these ceiling panel design concepts are being constantly developed and expanded.


There are many different types of suspended ceilings available. Among the most common types of ceilings are exposed or lay-in grid, concealed grid, semi-concealed grid, metal strip, open cell ceilings and hangers. A key aspect of these types of ceiling panels is that they are highly resistant to bacteria, moisture, mold and sagging, making them perfectly suited for humid environments. 


Suspended decorative ceilings can offer protection up to one hour for building inhabitants against fire. With lowered ceiling heights in a building, decorative ceiling panels offer outstanding insulation which, in turn, reduces energy bills considerably. Better acoustic properties can also be linked with suspended ceiling tile systems. They also hide unsightly exposed mechanical or structural components such as cables, pipes and wires in a tidy and stylish way.


Manufacturer Spotlight : Armstrong


As a renowned ceiling products manufacturer, Armstrong offers a unique blend of performance, aesthetics and sustainability. Their suspended ceilings are available in a wide variety of designs and styles along with numerous configurations and characteristics.


Armstrong offer specially designed ceiling tile solutions for spaces including kitchens, bedrooms, basements, powder rooms, dining rooms and living rooms. With a strong commitment to quality and excellence, Armstrong has had their ceiling products and solutions specified on numerous high profile projects worldwide. Another vital aspect is that Armstrong products are highly energy-efficient when it comes to their performance as sustainable materials.


Armstrong suspended ceiling systems provide a bright environment for building occupants. Moreover, they reduce the dependence on air conditioning and artificial light. Long lasting, these products are completely biodegradable and can be recycled effortlessly. Affordability is another key feature of Armstrong products with exceptional performance and aesthetic benefits. Other advantages include high insulation levels for energy efficiency, resistance to mold and moisture, acoustic qualities and fire resistance.         


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