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All About Synthetic Grass Surface


Synthetic grass is a man-made surface manufactured to resemble natural grass. One of the obvious places where one can get a boost from artificial blades is in the sports arena for games which are normally played on grass. Synthetic grass surfaces as also used extensively on residential and commercial lawns. Made up of jute, plastic or polyester or nylon, synthetic grass is also used on surfaces where grass cannot grow. Due to its aesthetic appeal, artificial grass flooring has also gained preference among interior decorators and tile installation specialists.

The flexible and durable properties of synthetic grass make it comfortable and long lasting. These are ideal solutions when the environment is hostile to natural grass. Synthetic turf is beneficial as a play surface kids and adults due to its softness and ease of cleaning. Synthetic grass is also perfect for holiday resorts and for people who find it difficult to maintain natural lawns. Synthetic grass surfaces are now being extensively used in particular for stylish swimming pool surrounds and roof gardens. Furthermore, opting for synthetic grass for large areas, such as playgrounds, leads to less usage of water.

Synthetic grass surfaces are manufactured to imitate natural grass and look great when laid on corporate areas, walkways, patio and backyards. There is an array of options available in the market. Sports and recreation areas require more durable and resilient surfaces, hence to withstand heavy foot traffic nylon grass surface is used. Polyethylene and polypropylene grass surfaces are used in residences. Installation options like interlocking grass surface mats and rolls are available in various dimensions that suits consumer requirement. These are available in different shades of green. Grass surfaces are also available in different pile heights, ranging from 30mm to 40mm.

All synthetic grass surfaces needs some care. Stiff bristle brooms or vacuum cleaners are recommended to remove materials, such as leaves, paper bits from these surfaces. Prolonged use of grass surfaces accumulates dust and debris, which should be dusted thoroughly by spraying the grass surface down. Treating a synthetic grass surface with chemicals periodically is also recommended to remove any weeds or organic matter that might appear. For nylon grass surfaces only cleaning is recommended, for polyester one can use water roller. Stains and other blemishes must be cleaned promptly. For slightly or heavily soiled areas, use a mixture of detergent and warm water.

Synthetic grass surfaces in homes offers an eco-friendly and welcoming environment for guests. These can be a unique addition at a doorstep or entrance hall, if used as doormat. Made from environmentally friendly materials, these provide ample opportunity to enhance aesthetic appeal. It provides a lively, warm impression and can easily be blended with other natural or artificial designing to create distinct and visually pleasing event spaces. 


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