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Newfloor S.r.l

Manufacturers from Via della Tecnica 10, Codevigo, Italy
We have been producing the best access flooring solutions Made in Italy since 1986

NEWFLOOR was founded in the 1980s by the owner Mr. Umberto Matterazzo after many years of professional experience in the raised floor business. Since its beginning, NEWFLOOR has been the partner of important national brands specializing in the manufacturing of hard stones, more precisely ceramic tiles. Strong in this experience, in 2003 NEWFLOOR started to sell its products on both domestic and foreign markets under its own Brand name. This marketing strategy captured the attention of architects and interior designers looking for prestigious and customized products that were capable of satisfying customers’ technical and aesthetic needs: at that point NEWFLOOR’s production capacity went from 50,000 m2 to more than 300,000 m2 per year. NEWFLOOR furthered its growth by developing new products, including a new, patented dry self-laying ceramic system called FREEFLOOR, which was a key step in expanding into the retail sector.

Why choose Newfloor?

• Not only 60x60 cm - We offer a wide range of dimensions to meet every need

• Any type of finish - Newfloor is able to manufacture any type of finish (natural woods, engineered materials, marbles, granites, ceramics, stainless steel, etc.)

• No construction limits - Our highly flexible production line is capable of satisfying all customer demands

• Not only raised floor - Newfloor also makes products for refurbishment or for residential projects

• Customized Metallic substructure - exclusively designed, developed and branded for Newfloor

• Specialized Technicians - Technical help and consultancy is always available

• Select sales network in Italy and experienced distributors throughout Europe and the rest of the world

• Our company is certified ISO 9001 and SOA

Newfloor products, Quality Guarantee!
FREEFLOOR and XFLOOR: two products of infinite solutions.

Freefloor is a patented product, a dry self-laying flooring system manufactured from ceramic, marble, granite,
engineered stone and natural wood. All panels are available in different dimensions, finishing, colour and thickness. Freefloor’s versatility makes it the perfect product for replacing an existing floor, either raised or standard. Being fast and easy to lay, Freefloor is ideal for covering a bare raised floor as well as for all types of renovations. The FreeFloor SILENT model can be used for all common installations, while the FreeFloor MAGNETIC model is ideal for installation on metallic surfaces. Freefloor is the Retail solution, the only limit is your imagination…

Xfloor is the perfect raised floor, suitable for indoor and perfect for outdoor installation. Thin, light-weight but extremely hard-wearing, it condenses in only 26 mm of thickness all the advantages of a raised floor: very high dimensional stability, waterproof, fireproof, high loadbearing capacity, antistatic, no size limits. It can be produced using any type of ceramic, marble, granite or engineered stone.
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