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Newfloor S.r.l
Newfloor S.r.l

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Newfloor is a family-run Company in the Veneto Region in Italy, founded in 1986 after 10 years of experience in the timber sector. In the first years the company focused on the production for third parties, but then Newfloor decided to stand out from the competitors.

Thanks to the specialization in hard surfaces and non-standard dimensions, the company focused on tailor-made and customized products, without forgetting the innovative and technological side. Over the years the Company has registered two patents for industrial inventions: in 1998 a patent for a multiple porcelain grès tile raised flooring panel, edge- trimmed with a permanent and resistant joint, and in 2013 a Europe-wide registered brand for Freefloor, a dry self-laying flooring system.

In the last years, Newfloor has developed two products: Radiafloor, a raised floor with radiant module to heat and cool the floor and the S-lock system, a self-centering substructure for indoor systems.

In 2020, the Company launches on the market Lumifloor and RadiafloorC. Lumifloor is the innovation that lights up in the dark thanks to special pigments that are charged by sunlight, but also a couple of x-floor accessories and new coverings. RadiafloorC, instead,  is the ecological evolution of the heating raised access floor which uses the carbon fiber as a resistor.

From 1994 the company plant is in Codevigo, between the Euganean hills and the Venice lagoon. It’s right in the Veneto territory that it was developed the Italian-style raised access floor, also thanks to the know-how acquired over time and to the right mix of craftsmanship and industry. The sales office in Cormano helps us to serve the Milan hinterland and the north-west territory, right in the other centre, the Lombard one, where the raised floor grow.

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