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All About Urinals


A urinal is a sanitary fixture in the shape of a container attached to the wall. It has either manual or automatic flush. Partitions are provided between each urinal and are installed in a row for multiple users. This arrangement is called a trough design. In some case there is no such partition, however this is not common. Urinals are mostly seen in commercial places, schools and institutions. Private residences rarely have these fitted due to inability of common usage by both genders.

Urinals are designed for efficiency in compact spaces and save in water usage. There are also waterless urinals which contain a deodorizing block which is activated during the use. This type of system contains a cartridge and sealant that floats on top of the urine collected to prevent odor. These specially designed urinals for men are suitable for commercial places, malls, institutions to save space. There are both manual and automatic flush types that can be installed

There are different types of urinals available in the market which may vary in terms of size, color and usability. Apart from manual and automatic there is another kind of urinal flush available called door regulated flush. A flushing system connected to the opening of the washroom door can count the number of users and operate when the count reaches a certain value. These urinals, apart from being cost effective, save water to a great extent.

Maintenance cost varies with respect to urinals. Deodorizers need to be changed regularly. Cleanliness needs to be maintained at regular basis. Proper ventilation and drainage is also an essential criteria.

The height of urinals is set keeping in mind the heights of the users. Often in commercial places these urinals’ height is kept to ground level so that everyone can use it. Being compact, many blocks can be easily placed on a single stretch making it possible to serve a greater number of male users at one single time.

As of now, cities are filled with chaos all around and there is less space. This kind of urinal structure can eradicate such problems and maintain hygiene at the same time. Urinal manufacturing companies are in much demand. This trend will only increase in the coming years due to the growing population and their demands for public sanitation system.