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All about Window and door Films

Window and door films enhance the beauty and privacy of a room. In fact; they are an inexpensive way of boosting curb appeal of a residential or commercial building. There are multiple solutions to select from; gradient, etched, frosted, stained, sand blasted and more. Every type of film is unique, with its exclusive appeal and design.

When it comes to accentuating a space affordably, glass films hold the edge. Easy maintenance is an added advantage. Cleaning with soap, foam or commercial cleaners is what needed for maintenance. Decorative window film is also highly favored because of its energy efficiency benefits.  

Films add privacy and some light blockage along with beautification. Extremely long lasting, they are customizable without any limitations. Another vital aspect is that decorative or privacy glass solutions block harmful UV rays. Because of their insulating properties, they are extensively used in different types of glass surfaces. Easy installation is also a very important benefit.  

No matter whether it is a reconstruction or remodel project; windows and door films offer endless opportunities for creative expression. There are many different types of glass films including interior and exterior solutions. Films come in different colors, designs, patterns, densities and styles. Without any limitation, they can be customized with great design freedom.

Each type of window or door film has a purpose of its own. Stained glass film is good for decorative purposes. As the name suggests, privacy glass comes with a frosted or reflective surface. A security window film option is also available. Heat and light protection glass film cuts glare, provides privacy and offers appreciable energy efficiency. 

Adding color and texture to buildings, films enhance also enhance the elegance of a space, particularly as plain glass surfaces can sometimes look dull and less inspiring. Glass films transform the lifeless look of plain glass to something breathless.

Manufacturer Spotlight: 3M

3M has been a premier manufacturer of window films since 1966. Their customized window glass films offer comfort and protection for building inhabitants. Glass surfaces also become stylish and elegant with 3M products.

3M window films considerably reduce the amount of heat coming through windows to bring down utility costs. Being energy efficient and sustainable, their glass films are one of the most sought after products in the market. With an untainted reputation for making exceptional commercial and residential windows and glass films in multiple color palettes, designs, styles and textures, 3M can meet all types of film solutions.

3M decorative window film solutions are engineered to protect people and property by holding together the broken glass and preventing flying glass shards. In addition to offering outstanding safety and protection, these glass film solutions redirect light and strengthen security.

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