100 square meters of elegange (or K apartment)

100 square meters of elegange (or K apartment)

Simone Roveda Interior Design
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Ketevan Varsimashvili

100 square meters of elegange (or K apartment)

Simone Roveda Interior Design as Architects

In this project the most risky choices arise from the will of the owner: she wanted dark tones, elegance and gold for some details. Tired now of white as no color, and as no choice, today it is black that meets the needs of original refinement. No other color expresses with the same force an image of elegance and absolute quality.


When it comes to interior design, the choice of black immediately gives an elegant and luxurious image. In this apartment the dark walls, are able to reassess the aesthetics of the room by themselves and drastically, warmed by wood and illuminated by brass details. Given the small size of the living area, the custom-made open kitchen is designed to integrate with the style of the rest of the living room, and almost becomes a living room furniture. The idea was that of a comfortable, elegant and welcoming home, with little furniture and lots of free space. For this reason all the superfluous has been eliminated, without however renouncing to aesthetics and functionality.


Material Used :
1. Oak wood (furniture)
2. Porcelain stoneware (floor)
3. Brass (furniture)
4. Lacquered wood (furniture)
5. Stone effect tiles (bathroom wall)
6. Quartz Stone (kitchen top)

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