“A Fluid Dream” Art Hotel

“A Fluid Dream” Art Hotel

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Beijing, China
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“A Fluid Dream” Art Hotel

Deep Architects as Architects

As an important part of the "Post Olympic Commmercial Strategy", north of the Beijing National Stadium (Bird Nest) will have 10,000 square meters of interior space and a nearly 1,500 square meters of outdoor courtyard where will be transformed into hotel for business. dEEP Architects will execute this proposal that commissioned by the client. The Olympic Games has made Chinese dream come true, so the positioning of this hotel is an art hotel which demonstrates "Beyond the Dream", and based on clients’ preference for the surrealism art master of Salvador Dali, dEEP proposed the design concept which is "A Fluid Dream "

The design of dEEP is from user’s perspective, the functional layouts is according to their movement and soften the specific definition of space to the maximum extent, combined with the spatial sculpture / multimedia / 2D graphics and even the light and odor, etc. Multi-dimensionally create a dynamic, continuous, surrealistic space for the users, "a dream place. "

The whole design demonstrate the concept of "fluid” and "dream" since the entrance tunnel, to hotel lobby, main staircase, art shop and standard rooms. The reforming design on the original stadium's concourse would reach the climax. There will be transformed into the hotel's executive floor, composed by a number of separate living space. Through the steel framework of Bird Nest, the guests can enjoy the natural and green in their private air courtyard. The design concept sounds very interesting: "nest egg.” Egg villas connect with a closed corridor, this futuristic way of hotel living would make the art spirit of surrealism to an extreme, it demonstrates the continuation of life while extending the meaning of the Bird Nest itself.

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