Aichi Sangyo University Educational Center

Aichi Sangyo University Educational Center

Studio Velocity
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Aichi Sangyo University Educational Center Language and IT

Studio Velocity as Architects

This multipurpose facility contains a language study lab, IT center, presentation space, lounge, and bus shelter. It’s sited on a slope that extends across a four-meter height differential. Our decision to transform the slope into a grassy hill was the basis for our design. The facilities our client wanted were very small compared to the site and the area around it, which formed a 3500-square-meter courtyard. Clumping the facilities together into a ‘box’ would make the surrounding buildings feel distant and wouldn’t yield an environment encouraging casual visits.

We therefore decided to spread the facilities out around the sloping site, resulting in a building of uncommonly low density. (So low, in fact, that it’s hard to distinguish the hill from the building.) Our goal was to create a single environment where people could play soccer on grass, read beneath a roof, and use computers with friends: an environment where indoor and outdoor activities blend seamlessly; An architecture that’s low-density, like the outdoors.


Material Used:
1. Flooring: Mortar
2. Doors: Wood door
3. Windows: Steel sliding door
4. Roofing: Sheet waterproof
5. Interior furniture: luminated timber + steel

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