ASA Lanna center

ASA Lanna center

Somdoon Architects

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Chotana Rd., Chiang Mai, Thailand
Project Year
Ketsiree Wongwan

Chotana Rd., Chiang Mai, Thailand

Somdoon Architects as Architects

ASA Lanna Center is located on a highway in Chiang Mai, Northern province of Thailand.

The city has unique cultural identity as it was a capital of an independent kingdom, named “Lanna” meaning a million of rice fields.


As a branch office of Association of Siamese Architects (ASA), the design aims to find the balance between maintaining the local culture identity while accommodating requirements of today. Thus, the image of rice field with a simple Lanna-style pavilion is created on the rooftop to evoke sense of nostalgia.

While the room requirements such as office, library and multi-purpose room are tugged underneath. They are arranged from low volume from the front to high volume at the back of the building, to create the stepping rice field landform leading to the pavilion on the top.


The plants around the building are local which can be found in rice filed landscape such as local palms, banana and bamboo. At the main entrance, a symbolic tree of the province, called Thongkwaw, will flower in orange to welcome visitor on cool season.


The main entrance is on the side lane and carved into the landform building creating the quite entrance space away from the highway. When entering to the center of the building, you will find a courtyard that connecting the ground floor and the roof space. The Pavilion which is the focal point of the building can also be seen through the courtyard to ensure the sense of unity. Apart from bringing down natural light to the rooms on ground floor, the courtyard is also a flexible space for a different kind of events organized by ASA members and also be an extension of the multipurpose room if it is required.


A small café space was placed on the roof before the top level, and it has a separated entrance which can be used during the weekend when the main entrance and the office are closed. On top level, a timber structure pavilion in Lanna-style is located. Its proportion and details were advised by local veterans and builder. People can enjoy the rooftop space from the pavilion with the view of Doi Suthep, the sacred mountain of Chiang Mai.


The materials and finishes of the building were selected to express the natural texture and locally produced such as laterite, and red brick. While all the roof top planter parapets are cast-in situ concreate with bamboo form-work to reduce hardness feel of the surface.


Passing by the building, the stepping rice field landscape with Lanna-style pavilion will keep reminding us of the spirit of Lanna. Eventually it could be an example to inspire others for the way of developing the city.

Material Used:

1. Sarnafil PVC Membrane : SIKA (Thailand) Ltd.

2. Masonry Brick Work : A.P.K Dawkoo (1988) Co., Ltd. / Solid Star Co., Ltd.

3. Wood Wool Ceiling Panels : Cellocrete Thai Co., Ltd.

4. Cedar Shingle Roof Tile : CMI-Civil Master International Co., Ltd.

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