“Attention! Private Space.” by Brani & Desi

“Attention! Private Space.” by Brani & Desi

Private Houses
Build completed in 2013

A teenage room by Brani & Desi

Brani & Desi as Interior Architects

The years when a person wants to have for the first time his own private space are in the teen ages. During this time the young person has a lot of physical and mental changes.

The room we created is for a 14 years old girl who is interested in the art, especially in the graphic design. She believes that she is very different from the other teenagers and that she will be a famous graphic designer one day. Her parents want to encourage her interests. They gave us the privilege to design her space.

We divide the room into several zones depending of their functions. Every zone creates different feelings. Through the use of colors we transform the usual forms of the room and the furniture into different shapes which have an impact on the thought process of the girl who loves the art.

The main function of the space is to develop the girl’s imagination and to give her more freedom to think and to dream.

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