Bamboo Spirit

Bamboo Spirit

JJs Arquitectura
World Bamboo Design Competition, Damyang, South Korea
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João Araújo Sousa & Joana Correia Silva Arquitectura

Bamboo Spirit

JJs Arquitectura as Architects

Bamboo spirit is a summer pavilion set to showcase the multiple possibilities in bamboo building technology. We propose to capture thepowerful principles that make bamboo a definite solution in architecture and construction, such as versatility, high-performance, low cost and sustainability.


Bamboo is used for a great variety of purposes, making it one of the most resourceful products available. Our design pays tribute to this unique versatility by fusing bamboo´s multiple utilities into one single building. Bamboo was used in the building´s structure, in the tying and lashing of the structural elements, in the manufacturing of the shading components and in the prefabrication of the floor slabs.


Industrial production methods represent an important part of our vision. We propose to explore contemporary techniques of blending concrete and bamboo, focusing on a prefabricated floor slab that inherits bamboo´s structural properties but is also able to arrive on-site fully finished and ready-to-use. We are also promoting current bamboo fabric technologies, by the extensive use of manufactured shading components.


We developed a system of exchangeable components that can both be part of the building´s façades/ roof and be worn by the building users, in the form of wearable hats. We wanted to give the shading components a new meaning and function, thus creating new synergies between construction and clothing industries

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