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Gisele Rampazzo


Lucilla Mesquita as Interior Architects

The new apartment, located in São Paulo, recently delivered by the construction company was chosen by a single journalist to be her new home. To transform the environment, of only 48m², he counted on the help of the architect Lucilla Mesquita. The client's main requirement was to have a space to receive friends and enjoy the beautiful view. To fulfill the requests, Lucilla extracted as much footage as possible.


Thus, she concluded that the integration would solve the layout. In this project, the circulation takes place in the shape of a U. After passing through the entrance hall, we soon have all the understanding of the unique environment. The room is housed in a large wooden box, with a cabinet on one side. Right in front of him there is the central table that has access to the kitchen on one side and the living room on the other.


The bathroom is next to the bedroom. The incidence of natural lighting in this apartment is incredible. Its entire facade has glass closure. In this project the woodwork is fundamental for the resolution of the space - in addition to the wooden box, the laundry room is also camouflaged. According to the architect, “the style of this project refers to all my design guidelines: colors, good circulation, details of joinery and the good experience of the user as a whole. It is an interior project where the base is neutral and the colors can be changed in various ways, through fabrics, painting a different color on the wall, etc. I will say that it is a dynamic project”.

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