Business park SynCom in Bressanone

Business park SynCom in Bressanone

Roland Baldi architects
Bressanone, Italy
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Oskar Da Riz

Business park SynCom in Bressanone

Roland Baldi architects as Architects

The main idea for the design of the business park consisted in creating a flexible structure to enable the accommodation of different kinds of enterprises which in consequence would create the development of synergies in favour of everybody. For that reason it has been attempted to elaborate a complex and flexible building, in which all the functions requested would have been able to coexist and connect perfectly.

The compact base of the building, composed of two floors, accommodates the industrial firms. The corpus situated above this base offers on its three storeys spaces for tertiary business and the corresponding apartments. Its façade consists of transparent glass panels. Because of the particularly form, the corpus creates three different courtyards for common use. A garage is situated on the basement.

The main entrance is located on the east side of the building. The huger spaces on the ground floor are accessible from the private street in the south of the building whereas the smaller units on the first floor are reachable by a covered ramp.

The secondary spaces are “trapped” in between the business spaces like cores and therefore assuming the supporting function in the structural system, allowing great and flexible units without any pillars.

The offices are conceived as open spaces and can be subdivided subsequently by the tenants. The large glass surfaces mainly have the aim to illuminate the internal spaces the best way possible but also to “reflect” and to communicate through their transparency the companies´ philosophy, that is represented by the building itself in terms of its transparency, openness and orientation towards the future.

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K.B. Hallen
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