Casa Puerta
Diego Daiber L

Casa Puerta

Daiber & Aceituno Arquitectos as Architects

The project stems from the reuse of construction waste left after remodeling an old house located in downtown Santiago. It was from a series of doors, screens, pillars and artifacts, which began the process of designing a refuge-house located in the condominium “BosquemarTunquén”.

The construction site was screened at the point of interaction between a slender Eucalyptus forest and a large ravine covered in Quila trees, placing the front of the house toward the open landscape, looking for connection with the natural environment, a fact that becomes evident with the separation of the two volumes that make up the housing through the "advance" of the nature inland, creating an intermediate area that in addition to providing light, is positioned as an articulator of both, and moreover, the two skylights that make up the roof, appealing to the verticality of the forest.

The coherence between the house disposition and its context, coupled with the combination of recycled elements with a consistent and current constructability, are the two major guidelines that give form to this project.

The materiality of the house arises depending on the elements that were available. noble elements full of character, as is the case with all doors and screens made from Raulí obtained from the demolition of a heritage house, the bedroom floor and common area with tables made of Laurel and Raulí also recycled, as the oak kitchen cabinets and shutters.

It was very important the integration of these materials with new ones, which also respond to a local identity, as in the case of the typical corrugated outer layer of the V Region, or the wet nucleus madewith tiles Cordova.

In short, theexercise proposed by this work, is to seek a friendly, respectful and consistent dialogue between the environment and construction, between interior and exterior, between recycling and identity, between heritage and modernity.

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