Casu Home

Casu Home

Surubi-i, Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay
Project Year
Daniel Ojeda

Casu Home

Arkstudio as Architects

The main structure is a curved roof without internal structures cause they are replaced with underground cables. The roof is supported by three concrete pillars that extend the curve transmitting all the weight to the ground. In addition, they work as gutter drops on each side that carry the water to a cistern, where it is reused for irrigation of the land.

The curve roof used colonial bricks because they provide texture, improve acoustics and contribute to the thermal insulation of the volume.

As for the orientation, the house is located in order to protect the most unfavorable facades, east and west, through the roof. Therefore, during the day it is protected from the sun, specially in summer, and that helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house.

The large windows can open completely and also the top of the roof has a small gap that works as a chimney allowing better ventilation.

Material Used:

1. Decortiles- Porcelanato Esmaltado Rectificado Pier AC 20x120

2. Porcelanosa - Revestimiento Esmaltado Monaco 31.6x90

3. Eliane - Revestimiento De Piscina Verde Esmeralda 20x20

4. ARKSTUDIO - Poltrona Baires

5. ARKSTUDIO - Sillas Morice

6. ARKSTUDIO - Mesa De Comedor Infinit

7. ARKSTUDIO - Mesita Cooper

8. ARKSTUDIO - Sillón Novak

Project team
Product Specifications
PORCELANOSAPORCELANOSARevestimiento Esmaltado Monaco 31.6x90
DecortilesDecortilesPorcelanato Esmaltado Rectificado Pier AC 20x120
ElianeRevestimiento De Piscina Verde Esmeralda 20x20
Eneco headquarter Rotterdam
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Eneco headquarter Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands - Build completed in 2012
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