Cittadella dell'Edilizia

Cittadella dell'Edilizia

Silva & Roth Architects
Como, Italy


Secondary Schools

Cittadella dell'Edilizia

Silva & Roth Architects as Architects

The proposal for the architectural contest “Cittadella dell’Edilizia” (Building Citadel) joins the design of a highly integrated complex in the urban environment with functional relationships and a symbolic presence in the involving city. The most important elements are the mountain and the forest, in the south side of the site. The proposal seeks to valorize these natural elements, treating the site as a landscape. The functional program includes very different areas, which are organized around courtyards. These elements allow a better natural illumination and also create visual relations between the different didactic and working spaces. The program demands high spaces, until 9 meters high, that could mean a strong impact on the existing environment. So, this proposal keeps part of the building underground and the main role on the scene is given to the green elements.

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