Construction Sipos Aktorik

Construction Sipos Aktorik

Wurm + Wurm Architekten
Altdorf , Germany
Project Year

Ester Havlova

Construction of a production hall for Sipos Aktorik

Wurm + Wurm Architekten as Architects

The new building of the Sipos Aktorik GmbH is designed as a compact volume, embedded into the easily hilly landscape at Altdorf, which in its spatial effect is more similar to a large mansion than a factory. The building is divided into three parts: the assembly hall with attached automated store-room, in front of this we added the two-storeyed administrative tract and afterwards to both ranges a storage hall with goods receipt and goods issue. The proximity of the individual operating ranges is to make possible a maximum of internal communication The roof of the production hall is occupied with skylights shaped as a bar, the lighting of the work stations reaches thereby daylight quality. This light impression on the inside is still strengthened by the bright colour of the construction. On two sides ground-same, high window fronts with integrated glass doors enable contact to the external space. The steel structure of the production hall is modular developed, whereby the manufacturing area is optionally expandable up to the double size. The functional separation between assembly area and the two-storeyed office area is abrogated by spacehigh glass walls. This conveys internal communication between these different working environments. Partly two-storeyed halations are incised into the management area, those are accessible by large glass sliding doors from the office space, outside and inside become interwoven with one another. The office space is kept pleasant at a moderate temperature by an innovative cooling system with a cooling ceiling of metal. As front material shingles of stainless steel were selected, which support the clearness of the shape of the building, by being able to be led around the corner. With those also the under-faces of the supernatant construction units could be covered.

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