Eleven terraced houses

Eleven terraced houses

8A Architecten
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Luuk Kramer Fotografie

Eleven terraced houses,

8A Architecten as Architects

Park 16Hoven
Park 16Hoven is located on the edge of Rotterdam Overschie. A neighborhood with a wide variety of homes, wide avenues, intimate inner worlds, play areas for young people and lots of greenery. The characteristics of the old polder landscape are reflected in the district. Park 16Hoven offers exclusive living environments for people who love a spacious and luxurious living environment, special architecture and who still want to live close to the city center.

photo_credit Luuk Kramer Fotografie
Luuk Kramer Fotografie

Park 16Hoven was developed and built in various phases. The Rietzoom sub-area comprises the southeastern part of the district and is characterized by the large amount of water. About one-fifth of the area's surface is made up of water. Many homes in Rietzoom therefore border the water with their garden or terrace. On the western side, Rietzoom is spacious and green, with private lots. Towards the east side the housing density increases slowly. While retaining a lot of water, the neighborhood there has a more urban character.

photo_credit Luuk Kramer Fotografie
Luuk Kramer Fotografie

Collective private commission
The homes designed by 8A were built in collective private commission in Riethoven, the easternmost part of Rietzoom. The houses are located in an inner world of two opposite building blocks, with the gardens directly on the south bordering the water. The 11 houses are divided into two blocks of 5 and 7 terraced houses next to each other.

photo_credit Luuk Kramer Fotografie
Luuk Kramer Fotografie

The starting point for the architecture is the individual housing requirements of the CPO participants. The most important wishes were the application of various roof shapes, large windows, lots of daylight and windows from floor to ceiling. Based on this, three types of houses have been designed with their own roof shape: a longitudinal roof, transverse roof and flat roof. These give the plan a lot of diversity and are executed in different widths and colours. In order to create a family in addition to the diversity, the three types of homes clearly have something in common by using the same floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden sheds. The large windows have been implemented in the ground floor with inviting entrances and give the homes an open, chic and expressive character that suits Park 16Hoven.

photo_credit 8A Architecten
8A Architecten

Bicycle sheds
Because the backyards are located on the water and no back path can be made, the terraced houses have no possibility for a bicycle shed in the backyard. That is why the bicycle sheds have been designed as a wooden bay window in the fronts of the terraced houses. This uses the option from the image quality plan to use protruding parts such as bay windows and balconies to enliven the facade image. At the same time, as little net floor space as possible is lost in the home. The access doors to the bicycle sheds are so detailed that they disappear into the wooden bay windows, so as not to compete with the open entrances to the homes.


Material and color use
To emphasize the individual home within the collective, each home is designed in a single color. The facades of the houses are built in masonry and are mainly executed in a gray tone with here and there a red house in between. The red houses give the plan a warm and playful appearance. The colors are based on the personal preferences of the CPO participants. The colors are laid out in a beautiful alternating composition to prevent identical houses or houses of the same color from being next to each other. The excellent bicycle sheds in the fronts of the terraced houses have a different wooden cladding, which recurs as a plane in the fronts of the corner houses. In addition, the roof and windows are made in the same chic anthracite color and together with the wood they form the architectural connection between the houses in the plan. This creates a lively but harmonious and modest inner world.


Individual housing requirements
The floor-to-ceiling windows are optionally extended here and there with a French glass balcony. In addition, the number and horizontal positions of the windows per CPO participant are geared to the layout and width of the home. This is possible because the front and rear facades are non-load-bearing. These options meet the individual housing needs of the residents and form an important part of the architectural expression. The plan shows what influence a demand-driven approach can have on architecture.

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