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Elite English Training School
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Elite English Training School

B.L.U.E. Architecture as Architects

The project is located in an office building with good vision, the owner rent three rooms as the office and training area. the designer opened it up into a whole room in order to integrate the use of all the space.

In this case, the design idea of the space is different from the traditional training classroom. The key concept of it are to build a community, it consists of five different materials boxes, surrounded by different functional areas of space, such as study area, kitchen, office communication and other common space. The five room of inside view is the classroom with a good vision and light. Two 2000mm wide door was designed at the entrance area, the interior and corridor formed a relatively open space when the glass door opened.

The five rooms use different materials, such as, galvanized steel, cement board, wood and red brick, as the surface. The material of gray bricks in ground shows a sense of rough,in contrast to other five materials, involving a strong visual impact.

Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Fire-proof plateFormica Group
Black bricksYangming
Natural oak woodYipianshuye
Product Spec Sheet
Fire-proof plate
Black bricks
Natural oak wood
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