Estádio Olímpico Univates

Estádio Olímpico Univates

Tartan Arquitetura e Urbanismo
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Marcelo Donadussi

Estádio Olímpico Univates

Tartan Arquitetura e Urbanismo as Architects

The crowd, the opponents, the competitiveness, the temperature, wind, lighting, and terrain conditions,. This is what we understand by sport environment.

Anyone who has ventured into some sport, knows the pleasure of winning and the pain of losing a match. Jumping, running, swimming, and all forms of moving cause in the sportists sensations that can be either good or bad, but that are always present when it comes to sports. Talking about sport involves talking also of emotions and feelings.

In architecture, you can also feel these sensations: the shape, the colors and the light and shadow game. More than a simple projest, sports architecture should offer simple but highlighting shapes, that integrate natural and urban spaces and still be executed in record time.

With this challenge in hand, we designed the Univates Olympic Stadium . Facilities include infrastructure for the practice of athletics and soccer, following the standards and recommendations established by IAAF and FIFA.

In the project, were used mixed construction system that includes elements such as precast concrete (pillars, retaining walls, protection walls, steps and "beams alligator" from the stands and slabs in general) and metallic structure (covers and locks).

For the metal structure they were used roofing trusses covered with sandwich tile. In the walls, they were used brickwork, drywall, tile panels, louvers and glass; all of this independent of the structure.

These project decisions brought agility, economy and visual unit for the building.

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