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From the early day of humankind, our ancestors used drawings as a way to communicate with the surrounding entities. It is considered one of the first activities for human beings to express desires and thoughts,whichmight not have been formed yet. Through the process of learning and developing, civilizations were created, followed by rules, structures, regulations, etc. We are, therefore, overwhelmed by the modern life and often find ourself walking on the beaten paths and put asideour creative instinct.


With a strong intention to create projects with harmonious combinationof practical need withabreath of nature, architects arepassionate to work freely in anarea that is not affected by the pollution elements of the city. Within the area, they can draw their first lines of sketch on the built-in glass panels. With the appropriate proportions, the glass panels playthe role of rulers so that the architects can visualize and estimate the actual dimensions of the buildings.


These glass panels are designed to be multiples of the A1 paper sheet - commonly used in architectural drawings. To minimize the impact on the bamboo garden, the glass walls are built vertically at the zig-zag position to create a vertical air flow and enhance the garden experience.


In a corner of the garden, a set of long tables and two benches are placed off each other to provide an interesting asymmetrical feeling. This is a place for architects to work and discuss with colleagues, cogitate or simply enjoy moments in nature.


The primary material used for this project is glass. With transparent properties, this material serves as dividing walls, though does not bring forth the feeling of disconnected space. Additionally, it creates an interesting reflection viewing from the office.

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Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
Ensemble mixte Binet à Porte de Montmartre – Paris
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Ensemble mixte Binet à Porte de Montmartre – Paris

Offices and Residential Landscape
Paris, France - Build completed in 2018
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