Glassalon Neuhaus
Michael Glechner

Glassalon Neuhaus

Baukooperative GmbH as Architects

The order, an event hall for festivities. A supplement to the venerable inventory. Salon Neuhaus is a glass pavilion surrounded by green space. The old stock and the building site are surrounded by two parks, embedded in green space.

The goal: Don't turn your back on any park or erect a barrier. One more reason to opt out of massive traditional construction. We wanted to create a homogeneity with the environment. It was quickly apparent that a parallel positioning to the old building wasn‘t an option for us. The parallelism would create a barrier and overshadow the venerable building. We took a different approach and constructed the new building at a 90 degree angle to the old building. This enabled us to create an intimate atmosphere in the park and strengthen the authenticity of the old building.

For some, perhaps too modern, but for the client and us, the act of dissolution symbolizes perfection. Forms a liaison with the old building and the environment at the same time. Reflects a sense of balance in its design. This act of dissolution is embodied by the insulating concrete panels. In order to meet our architectural requirements, we could only consider a single-sheathing system made of insulating concrete.

The interspaces are entirely subject to the element of glass and create a permeability and open-mindedness. The material creates a permeability and openness to the environment.

It can be seen at first glance that the round arch plays an important role. We were able to take this great shape from the old building, as it also represents a dominant design element as window openings.

To disregard it, would have been fatal in our opinion. It demonstrates the dependence between old and new. In addition to the event location, the new building with its sanitary facilities, storage rooms and culinary supply options represents the base for the old building. When designing the piece of furniture, flexibility and individuality were essential. In the shape you will find the influence of the circular arch again. Their adaptability makes the furniture to a welcome guest of various events.

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