Google Charleston East

Google Charleston East

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Bjarke Ingels Group

Google Charleston East

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group as Architects

With Google and parent company Alphabet’s ever-expanding and ever-evolving ventures, occupying existing buildings for the expanding workforce has reached its organizational limitations – teams become spread across multiple buildings, separated by parking lots. On the other hand, a single centralized headquarters is also not the approach for Google, nor is it desirable for the city of Mountain View. Our mission is to create a replicable and scalable building typology that is also adaptable and inclusive to the various sites of North Bayshore and beyond.


A large part of Google’s success can be attributed to engineering solutions to complex problems; the architectural endeavor to house this process is no different. As Google continues to explore uncharted territories, its workspace begins to take on many forms – from offices to labs to warehouses. We address this variability by enclosing the workspace with a hangar-like Canopy. This flexible envelope is delaminated from the walls and floors, creating an agile interior that can evolve with Googlers’ changing needs and belongings.


At the individual level for Google, the user comes first – for us, this means a happy and focused Googler who can perform optimally while at work. We think this starts with health and environmental quality: by allowing sunlight to peer through smile-shaped clerestories and by utilizing natural materials, biophilic elements and soothing acoustics, we can ensure comfortable and efficient workstations. The second floor is the most inspiring space in the building, reserved for desk spaces on one interconnected floorplate – a tabula rasa for the future of Google to unfold. Meanwhile, the ground floor is home to secondary programs and public spaces, serving as vibrant areas for collaboration and socialization. The floors are connected via courtyards, each carefully calibrated to serve important moments for circulation, daylight and biophilia, spontaneous interaction and wayfinding.


Google Charleston East is grounded in our core principal to reflect the tech-company’s culture of innovation through bold architecture and innovation. We strive to foster a sense of community while respectfully integrating the natural environment – by blurring the boundaries between outdoor and indoor, by ripping out asphalt in favor of nature, and by promoting pedestrian and bicycle traffic, even within the building – we hope to convert North Bayshore into a model community and set an even higher standard for Silicon Valley.

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