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Grenade Pavilion | 1st Prize Cityvision Competition Pfff

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To address the theme of the inflatable mobile Pavilion stresses the city as a dynamic architecture in constant movement. This experimental project from its analogy of the fruit and explosive shell represents the artistic seeds of FARM Cultural Park. At the heart of Sicily, the red Pavilion was raised for three years and "the sharing revolution", as expressed by the founding couple Bartoli-Saieva, changed the province of Agrigento.

The FARM Pavilion has hence the aim of bringing about art and to promote exchanges between them. It is also a signal, both in color and in its familiar form of hexagon reaching ten meters high. Grenade consists of a double skin and assembling its patchwork canvas of pvc occurs by heat seals. The symmetry of the volume and anchor cables attached to the floor provides its stability and its required balance. It suffices solely an hour and a half to inflate it all with air blown through a turbine of 4.5 kW. Grenade offers a sustainable and innovative vision of shifting architecture.

Beyond the conventional limits, the pavilion crosses the borders of the unknown and of our active intuition. The landscape is transformed by the unexpected, the time of an exposure. A trigger to even better enjoy the moment.

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