House in Hakone-seiroku

House in Hakone-seiroku

SEIICHI YAMADA Architect & Associates
Mishima City, Shizuoka, Japan
Project Year
Private Houses
Akinobu Kawabe

House in Hakone-seiroku

SEIICHI YAMADA Architect & Associates as Architects

The planned site is a condominium built on a hill along the old road that runs from Mishima City to Hakone. The apartment complex that we visited during the design stage had no buildings yet, and the site, which was just constructed in steps, had little design clues. In a lot of subdivisions that level the environment, it is necessary to have a broader perspective to find and incorporate a climate that cannot be changed by human hands. As you expand your research area and walk along the old road, you will find the valley, the vast fields that spread out on the slopes, and the beautiful scenery of the mountains that extend far away, along with the pleasant breeze from the valley and the deeply carved shadow in the landscape The sunshine that was creating was very impressive.


Therefore, assuming a building volume on the southern side adjacent to the building from the maximum range of buildings per site according to the housing estate regulations, a wind path leading out from the valley to the site is derived, and a large eaves space with a house-type ramen frame overlaid with LVL on that range (Public living space). And while taking in the height difference remaining on the site as a step on the floor, a water area and a storage room on the other floor and an attic space (private living space and bedroom) on the second floor are provided, and the season, time zone, privacy We created a terrain-like terrain in the building where you can freely change your location depending on the situation. The height of the ramen frame was determined based on the volume of the 1st and 2nd floors and how the light enters each season. On the east side of the main frame, the entrance to the north and south, a dirt space that can be used as a bench for agricultural work, and a storage space for agricultural equipment are provided by engaging the LVL frame.


The children are happily playing around the dirt terrace and large eaves. Adults are standing on a shady terrace, and cats are napping on their favorite stairs. The unique environment of the land has created the climate and nurtured the memories of the people who live, but this large eaves, through which the valley wind escapes, gently wraps around the family and the nearby people, and the local climate like the former margin and the dirt. I hope to nurture and inherit memories.

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