House with tiny pool
Eiji Tomita

House with tiny pool

NRM Architects Office as Architects

The site is located in the bottom of the basin shape, and location that is built up around the house. How can it be to have a high openness in how such an environment is the main point of the design became standard in judging the priority axis. It consists of a building converted into living space through the gaps caused by the displacement volume, and some overlap, combining openness with the aim to solve problems in residential areas

House with Tiny pool

NRM*Architects Office as Architects

Ensure that lighting and ventilation while maintaining privacy, "courtyard" is the configuration space, this plan is not a common tactic that the south side lighting in order to get a light, light work actively east Mashita. Space constraints in the various aspects and large glass atrium at the south side lighting because sunlight enters the room too, but problems arise due to heat and light it, light and east, reflecting the use of the courtyard wall I get a light in the light, and efforts to solve the problems of the south side lighting.

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Sedona, AZ, USA - Build completed in 2020
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