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i-Rock, the inhabited rock.

OOIIO Architecture as Architects

“i-Rock” is a stand of which shaping can change when you replace its exhibition elements. You can open or close it easily thanks to several hinges and wheels which allow two of its pieces to spin. That simple mechanism transforms i-Rock look completely from day to night. Closed i-Rock is a container that protects all the exhibition equipment (screens, stools, pamphlets, computers, etc.) but opened i-Rock is a welcoming stand where all that exhibition equipment is shown to the visitors.

Instead of projecting the typical stand in which one person gives you information from behind a desk, OOIIO decided to project a Stand visitors could pass through, where the information assistant could share the way with you as a friend.


“Another rock in the hall” There is no simpler and cheaper way to make the stand surrounding improve than imitating its current decoration: several huge volcanic rocks. Our stand will contribute to emphasise the effect the other rocks currently cause to the airport users. Visitors can always observe the stand as an attractive and special object, as much opened as closed, as much from the first floor as from upstairs. With a simple green vinyl layer, we will be able to connect every rock with the new stand, getting a common identity to all decorative objects in the hall and inviting the visitors to go towards the i-Rock.


As we Spaniards say, “bueno, bonito y barato” (=good, beautiful and cheap). We tried to choose the most common cheap materials, to make the construction as easy as possible and therefore getting excellent results with low cost. Every single face of our rock has been perfectly measured to provide a reliable quote and speed the construction up.


Each material has its own significance. This construction is like a small case which contains all those emotions we you can have in Lanzarote, and therefore materials are full of significance and references to the island nature. Black painted Pladur covering the external surface has lots of “pores”, imitating the volcanic rocks you can find in the black moonscape of the island. Intensive shiny green of polycarbonate plastic covering its interior surface, tries to make the visitors remember the olivine crystals, which are plentiful in Lanzarote. i-Rock “pores” will be made of translucent polycarbonate tubes, embed into the Pladur, so the inside lightning can pass through. Some of them will contain small cactus to mimic the vegetation growing up between the island volcanic rocks. All those decisions about materials try to make the tourists have a very positive and fresh first impression of the island treasures.


We will build this rock with the system American people use to build their houses, a practical and quick system of lightweight vertical upstands and horizontal secondary ones which hold covering materials. We first build the faces and then connect them as a 3Dpuzzle.

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