Information pavilion in Veszprém, Hungary

Information pavilion in Veszprém, Hungary

Veszprémi Építész Műhely
Kossuth Lajos street, Hungary
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Dávid Kovács

Information pavilion in Veszprém, Hungary

Veszprémi Építész Műhely as Architects

The information pavilion was built under the first pace of the Rehabilitation of the City Center of Veszprém. It is situated on the mid section of the Kossuth street, at the intersection of the transport routes. The information pavilion is part of the underpasses leading space system, as the retaining walls or the cassetts for plants are. With it’s simple form it is carry on the ideas of the surrounding, modernist buildings. In the information point, which is operated in this pavilion, you can get information about the city, about cultural programs and you can buy tickets. Thanks to the canopy there is an interesting outer foreground. The pavilion was built with big glass walls because of the transparency and openness. The buildings outer covering is from white Swisspearl, in the incisions and on the wraparound areas the covering is from yellow. It was built whith steel structure. The staff comfort is ministered by the background spaces and the modern engineering. The information pavilion and it’s foreground areas are together 29 m2. The procreation of the information pavilion in the city center was an niche step. Under the Rehabilitation of the City Center We built new public toilet pavilion and new closed trash containers with the same architectural shaping. We would like to put the functions, which are connected to public spaces, to trimmed pavilions, which are fits to their environment.

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