Innovation Hub, Abbey Street

Innovation Hub, Abbey Street

Abbey Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland
Project Year

Innovation Hub, VHI HQ

McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects as Interior Architects

In the ever-changing world of insurance products, the Innovation Hub allows the client to bring together staff from all departments to work collaboratively on new and innovative projects.


A series of balconies were inserted at the level of the roof to allow visual links between the social spaces on the first and second floor and the new Innovation Hub. These balconies are used as casual meeting spaces for all staff. The underside of these balconies serves a second function, to hold the AC units.


The functionality of the Innovation Hub is key to its success. It has been designed to be used as a series of three aligned groupings which can be combined into a large single space. These groups of tables can be separated with a series of mobile glass boards that are wheeled in when necessary. To indicate this combined possibility the concept was developed to use a large single joinery element. 


This new ribbon element is brightly coloured in a vibrant yellow. It forms a single piece that runs along the full length of the space and at the end it turns up and becomes a presentation space. The element holds magnetic glass boards for project materials, and it is lined top and bottom with acoustic panels in matching colour.


At the presentation space the yellow ribbon twists and folds up to create a canopy. This canopy holds lighting for presentation and a drop-down screen for larger scale projections. A long high table at this area can be used as a causal break out space or as a top table for a panel of people to sit at when addressing larger groups. Breakout area is provided with lounge seating below the large window facing towards the street.

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