Kronenburg Business Park

Kronenburg Business Park

Aanloop 3, 1183 SZ Amstelveen, Netherlands | View Map
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Kronenburg Business Park

Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners as Landscape Architects

Healthy working environment

Kronenburg Business Park is located in Amstelveen, next to Amsterdam. It has been realized from the beginning of the 70’s, and is based on the principles of that time. The park is characterized as a collection of individual buildings, connected by a utilitarian and logistic environment of streets and parking places.

During the last 40 years, the world of the business parks has changed dramatically. Today, the relationship between buildings and the public spaces is highly valued. Successful parks are communities and campuses. Kronenburg can and must find the connection with this new generation of business parks, to reinvent itself as a successful place.

As many of the office buildings are empty, there is no financial room for large scale investments. The plan proposes a strategy to transform the current environment into a qualitative public realm. By introducing sports functions and activating the green spaces, Kronenburg gives substance to a healthy working environment. The strategy consists of different small interventions. They can be implemented on a very short term, and combine small investments with maximum impact on the public space. The project derives from an intensive participatory process with all the stakeholders and the municipality.

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