La Leroteca

La Leroteca

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Rodrigo Dávila

La Leroteca

lacajaarquitectos as Architects

The “Leroteca”holds a space for culture and art as part of the “Lero Lero” kindergarten. Wood, plants, flowers and gardens make up the image of this learning proposal in which the cultural experience is its main feature.

In the form of a traditional cabin, the project seeks to symbolize one single enclosure while encompassing two different spatial environments in form and texture. The ground floor is an orthogonal, white and neutral space devoted to painting, ceramics and music. In this space, the children’s works are the main feature. The upper floor discovers a different environment defined by the asymmetrical and tilted rooftop whichbecomes the enclosing walls. These wood covered walls reveal a more intimate space, warm and with a special light for reading and body language. The windows here, on one side, frame the mountain range, while the other two sides provide a continuous view bringing the landscape into the room.

The cabin shape is highlighted by its wooden surface over its facades. The main façade exhibits the students’ works on a window framed byplants and flowers.The other facades play with transparencies which visually connectindoors and outdoors, allowing the “Leroteca” to integrate the open areas.

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