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Libertad Street House
Federico Cairoli

Libertad Street House

Federico Cairoli / Fotografía de Arquitectura as Photographers

Starting with the aforementioned demands and the conviction of designing an urban house, two ideas relative to the spatial organization prevailed above the rest.

The first consisted of appealing to the horizontal dimension: this was materialized through the configuration of the living spaces in an open plan set at street level. In this manner it established a link and an uninterrupted prolongation of the interiority and domestic uses onto the exterior spaces. Continuity only mediated and protected from the street noise by green spaces. This was achieved with the application of diverse mobile walls which with their hiding and different configurations enable the spatial performance.

The second idea, and as a counterpoint to the previous one, was to introduce the vertical dimension: for this a rotative center was defined, occupied by the stairs and the double height hallway, which organizes the floor plan distributing the different rooms around itself. Likewise, this center allows the access of direct natural lighting to all of the common areas of the house and establishes a very intense relation between the ground floor of communal use and the first floor reserved to the private spaces.

Finally, from a material standpoint the monomateriality of reinforced concrete is resorted to for slabs and vertical surfaces in contrast to the application of the warmer wood for the pavements and mobile dividing elements.

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