Matraka Headquarters
Onnis Luque
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
LightingFlosEasy Kap
Series One Chair SteelcaseSteelcase Series 1
Estacion de trabajo Individual Canvas, Silla New Aeron, Silla Setu, Sillas Eames, Mesa Exclave, Stool SetuHerman MillerEames Table
ManufacturersMuebles De ConcretoMYT Lamp
Carpets Lineation Trinagular PathMilliken

Product Spec Sheet
Series One Chair
Estacion de trabajo Individual Canvas, Silla New Aeron, Silla Setu, Sillas Eames, Mesa Exclave, Stool Setu
Carpets Lineation Trinagular Path

Matraka Headquarters

Taller Paralelo as Architects

Matraka is an experiential marketing agency. Its innovative spirit led us to create a space where team work, an inspiring environment and the constant exchange of ideas are key.


Located on the ground floor of a six stories corporate building, the existing open space, confined by a curtain wall and an external gloomy terrace, called us to integrate the outdoors with the indoors by designing an inviting roof garden filled with trees and lush vegetation together with planters, benches and furniture. The internal space has minimal divisions and is open towards the new terrace.


The organic layout allows the great open space to accommodate designers, account executives, production managers and their staff within co-working areas, random brainstorming spots and a recreational and relaxing atmosphere. The original dropped ceiling was removed improving natural lighting and ventilation.


Two blocks defined by black, silver and transparent walls are linked by a hanging ceiling creating clear circulation paths. The great meeting room separates the administration department, providing it with privacy and safety.


Matraka´s team is often at field work and office schedules vary. The 415 square meters space was planned accordingly hosting seventy working stations plus flexible spaces which enhance its creative potential and forecast the imminent firm´s expansion.


Material Used :
1. Milliken Carpets Lineation Trinagular Path
2. Herman Miller 
3. Steelcase - Series One Chair 
4. Haworth EZMX benching
5. Atelier Central – casual furniture 
6. Rokam – TabueretesLaAn
7. iSi mar – Ping Pong WORK&FUN
8. iSi mar – Mesa Capri
9. iSi mar – Silla Bolonia 
10. Herman Miller – Estacion de trabajo Individual Canvas
11. Herman Miller – Silla New Aeron
12. Herman Miller – Silla Setu
13. Herman Miller – Mesa Eames 
14. Herman Miller – Sillas Eames 
15. Herman Miller – Mesa Exclave 
16. Herman Miller – Stool Setu
17. ILWT – in light we trust luminarias custom made
18. Candela Estudio – luminarias custom made
19. Nexia – PAW light
20. Lightning Planner – Essen light
21. MDC muebles de concreto – MYT grande light
22. TossB – U – Light
23. FLOS – Easy Kap

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