MBA Headquarters

MBA Headquarters

Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, Brittany, France | View Map
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Gaëtan Chevrier

MBA Headquarter

RAUM as Architects

Isolated in the “domino” area of the Courrouze district (B. Secchi - P. Vigano urban planners), this office project has a unique position at the intersection of the new metro line and Parkway. Leaning against the perimeter wall of the military base, the project is based on a simple frame with thedifferent functions overlaid in recognisable layers: the commercial ground floor is integrated into thepublic space and uses the top of the ramp access to the underground car park as useful bleachers.


Inside the building, the 3rd transparent floor reveals the use of shared spaces which continue on to theterrace. The meeting and council rooms on the top floor have panoramic views over the surrounding landscape.


The other levels benefit from passive sun protection with perforated corrugated metal skin which provides structural integrity. This skin filters the light and emphasizes the functional layers of the

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Product Spec Sheet

Façade cladding ArcelorMittal
window framesJansen
Window framesTechnal
Product Spec Sheet
Façade cladding
window frames
by Jansen
Window frames
by Technal
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