Multifunctional Building Almargem do Bispo

Multifunctional Building Almargem do Bispo

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Multifunctional Building Almargem do Bispo

NEW Studio Arquitectos as design & supervision

A multifunctional building as an element that generates a new social consciousness.

Context: To provide the parish of Almargem do Bispo, located north of the municipality of Sintra, with a vibrant public space and multipurpose building for social and cultural activities in the urban area of the locality. The car storage facility of the parish was selected as the site for the new equipment. With this multifunctional module that will be used for social and recreational activities we intend to generate a new exterior image of the existing building and and use it as an anchorage point for the road and the pedestrian routes.

Programme: A new multifunctional module: library + computer room, professional training rooms, bar/esplanade, WC for persons with reduced mobility and technical areas.

Strategy: This project reflects a compromise with the community insofar as it embodies and inscribes the concept of inclusion in a multipurpose building with various uses and and services.

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