National Museum "Centrum Dialogu Przełomy"

National Museum "Centrum Dialogu Przełomy"

KWK Promes Konieczny
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National Museum "Centrum Dialogu Przełomy"

KWK Promes Konieczny as Architects

Devastated by World War II, the Solidarność square, like the rest of the city of Szczecin, was the subject of bad urban practices which, together with the historical gap of citizens regarding the reasons that let the city to that situation, has become a poorly defined space. The construction of the new National Museum has been be one of the key interventions to end this situation.

The National Museum of Szczecin in the Solidarność square, also known as Przełom Center for Dialogue due to the conciliatory role that has represented for the inhabitants of this Polish city with its history, is a topographical tapestry that combinesthe recreational activities of the square with a museistic pogram acting as the living witness of World War II. With this solution, Robert Konieczny - KWK Promes also manage to improve the deficiencies of an urban space that used to be decaying. Therefore, the project has received this year 2016, the European Prize for Urban Public Space, together with the project of Recovery of the Irrigation System at the Thermal Orchards.

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