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New Crematorium in Copparo

New Crematorium in Copparo

Mauro Crepaldi (Patrimonio Copparo s.r.l.)
Copparo, Ferrara, Italy | View Map
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New Crematorium in Copparo

Mauro Crepaldi (Patrimonio Copparo s.r.l.) as Architects

The project is settled inCopparo,in a widepublic areadedicated to an urban park for the whole community. The area, very close to the center of the country,is connected to it through a typical tree-lined avenue that leadsdirectly to the Cemetery. The project is intended to be a part of this developinggreen park, seen as a place for relax and meditation. For this reason, the building blends into the landscape: a pureand neutral volume suspended on the ground. A minimal box that sits alongside lines of the most articulate existing cemetery.

The building is made by three main elements: - a reinforced concrete wall, bordering a dune of land as an extension of the park; - a low area alongside the wall of reinforced concrete, dedicated to service activities; - a minimalisticbox suspended on the ground. This volume completely hides the crematorium,with its technical dust systems, the hall for ceremony, a "Garden of Remembrance" and offices.

A central courtyard garden, the "Garden of Remembrance", is a lighting patio in which everyone can isolate himself waiting to receive the urn that contains ashes of deceased.

Only three materials compose the whole project: reinforced concrete, glass and ceramic panels. These elements create vertical alternating stripsof soft tones ranging from beige to gray.

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