NhaTrang House

NhaTrang House

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Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam - Build completed in 2017
Quang Tran

NhaTrang House

Chon.a as Architects

NhaTrang.house is the most apparent witness to our profession’s perspective_carries humans to the peace by traditional elements in the ambience of a building.

A building used to live, and incorporate to used like a office- a common form in urban of Viet Nam. We don’t talk about this location, the owner demand , character or concepts, materials or process, construction engineering... We just only want to talk about the feeling of peoples living, feeling a peace with the nature inside their soul and in this building.

Elements in traditional architecture such as the light, trees, wind or water surface...especially is “mái hiên nhà”- a space between indoor and out door, a space connect between humans and nature. It is used interwoven in every space of the modern tube house. Along with the cut scene, devide dark and bright space according to the visual perception of each age .

The proplem of microclimate in this house becomes simpler when humans and nature to harmonize and share together. People feel complete of sound, color, tactile, visual and sometimes even taste. The taste of peace in the heart of the urban. With that spirits, we don’t deliberately to create a different elevation, we trying to blend in with the rhythm of the street by setback, elevations, forms, materials and trees in a contemporary context.

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