Park Avenue Apartment

Park Avenue Apartment

Christoff:Finio Architecture
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Scott Frances

Park Avenue Apartment

Christoff:Finio Architecture as Architects

Located in a distinguished Schwartz and Gross pre-war Park Avenue residential building from 1926, this 4,000 square foot renovation for a young family of five was an exercise in the orchestrated balance of competing needs.


First was the need to provide ample display space for the clients’ burgeoning contemporary art collection, integrating it into all aspects of the entire family's daily life. In response, each room contains at least one large wall, scaled and lit appropriately for the display of contemporary work. The idea of living directly with the art is most fully realized in the Hallway leading to the bedrooms, where an installation by the Brazilian art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus blankets the entire north wall, providing a most assuredly vivid experience.


The second driver was a desire to reconnect the divided wings of an outdated apartment layout into a more open, contemporary, and free-flowing space. This was accomplished by the demolition of decorative walls separating what was strictly the Public, Living, and Service wings common to the era, and replacing them with a series of free-standing partitions, allowing space, light, and circulation to continue around them. Arranged in a T-shaped pattern, these partitions provide privacy without enclosure and are thickened to allow for storage within. As a result of this arrangement, new visual connections are created between spaces, and the formerly separated zones are physically and experientially reconnected with each other.


Finding the balance between old and new – privacy and display – this project seeks to redefine the classic Park Avenue home for a contemporary Manhattan family.


Material Used :
1. Siberian Wood - Wood Floor - Fumed Oak, Hardwax Oil White Tint
2. Activa Rubber Floors - Rubber Tile - Color H-607
3. Granite - Stone - Absolute Black
4. Royal Mosa - Wall Tiles - Ceramic Tile
5. Corian - Vanity base cabinet and integral sink - Color Glacier White
6. Tessera Glass - Ceramic Tile - Colors Orange and Avocado 

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Wall Tiles - Ceramic TileMosa
Vanity base cabinet and integral sink - Color Glacier WhiteCORIAN® Design
Rubber Tile - Color H-607Activa Rubber Floors
Product Spec Sheet
Wall Tiles - Ceramic Tile
by Mosa
Vanity base cabinet and integral sink - Color Glacier White
Rubber Tile - Color H-607
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