PARQUE VIRGINIA RESIDENCES: houses between lights

PARQUE VIRGINIA RESIDENCES: houses between lights

Sector La Virgina. Maracaibo, Venezuela
Project Year

Luis Ontiveros

PARQUE VIRGINIA RESIDENCES: houses between lights

NMD NOMADAS as Architects

Build a building between its long facade in the depth direction of the plot, forced to squint into the street and facing the neighbor; to overcome these drawbacks of perception have implemented the following tactics: - The perimeter wall of each house is treated as thickness of light, and thus lives in light and not between party thicknesses which in turn sift the perception of them. - In turn, the building is mainstreamed by the light thickened as a vertical inner courtyard, reaffirming the individuality of each house and the notion of "living at home" instead of "apartment living" and overcoming the traditional notion to live in a row, which has the separation wall as protagonist. - The street outside has become inner side garden, to which projected the building, in its multiple expressions eyes open: balcony, terrace, glazed corners, etc. The street was introduced in the plot and animates multiple views. - The landscape mainstreaming concept works: in the street outside, landscaping perpendicular thereto, seeks to contain the street and bring the edges to reinforce the perception of being "through": the building is felt on the street so friendly, receiver; in the plot, landscaping develops perpendicular to the building and "up" by the dividing walls of the plot; this mainstreaming pursues both expansion of domestic space as his intimate containment.

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