Project vertical cabin

Project vertical cabin

H3T architekti
Csóromfölde, Hungary
Project Year
Tamás Bujnovszky

Project vertical cabin

H3T architekti as Architects

Wheels have been fitted to one side of this vertical cabin, making it highly portable and therefore allowing users to set it up wherever they like. However, the wheels are not fitted to the bottom of the cabin, but to the longest side, so it must be placed in a horizontal position before it is transported to the desired location. The cabin was initially put together in a horizontal position, and although the light wooden structure can be moved into vertical position using human force and ropes, the roof is heavy and must be fitted on to the building by crane.

This project was unusual compared to other projects this year, as the vertical cabin was made from re-used materials. The builders worked with scrap material that had been left behind by other teams from previous years.

As the whole cabin is based on the concept of mobility, it is worth taking this into account when fitting out the interior: the simplest solution is to fix the furniture to the walls.

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