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This project is located in Ostrava on the city street 28th ŘÍJNA. It is unfinished concrete structure from 90s’.

Construction itself has three parts, creating L shape volume. Design of the building consists of two functions. There is an administration part with offices to rent on the street side and separated housing part behind.

The aim of the design is to clearly show two different functions of the building. This is also intent how to deal with a scale of the whole complex.

Housing part is a rational volume structured by a composition of windows and loggias givingthe whole building three-dimensionality. Administration part is clearly defined volume coated with vertical slats. Composition of two volumes is supported by two-floor high ground floor, also significant for the main entrance.

Facade of administration part has two levels. On the steel construction there are vertical slats made from rusted steel. This is iconic material for the city of Ostrava and it also helps to create a tension and contrast with the housing facade with very smooth and seamless surface made from cement boards. Vertical slats aren’t only formal element but it works as a shading and protection against heat.

Parking is situated in the basement. On the ground floor there is a commercial use: rentable spaces, cafe, restaurant. The rest of floors are used for offices in one part and flats in the second one. There is additional storey on the roof surrounded by terraces.


Architects: Jiří Vokřál, Jiří Bužek, Markéta Orságová

Visualisations: Radim Kyncl (

Project year: 2015

Project team
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