Reorganisation of Fatima Mansions

Reorganisation of Fatima Mansions

Dublin 8, Ireland
Project Year

Reorganisation of Fatima Mansions to invite a heterogeneous population to life in this new urban district

RODECA GmbH as Manufacturers

This building is part of an overall master plan for urban planning and reorganisation for a large urban area of Dublin. This area is called Fatima Mansions named after the Fatima Mansions buildings built in the 1950's. In line with urban planning it was tried to redisgn this urban distrid that heterogeneous population groups take up residence and a balance living district is created.

This projectt of reorganisation took place from 2004 until 2010. Within this frame the rainscreen cladding with our rodeca panel PC 2540-4 in bicolor version (colour combination crystal and opal) with integrated glass windows was built.

The high class material mix gives the building a precious look and integrates it harmoncilally in the environment with sports field and park.


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